8L Concentrate – Kids Giant Bubble Set



8L Concentrate – Kids Giant Bubble Set


Product Highlights:

8L Giant Bubble Concentrate – Just mix with water and it’s ready to use immediately

**You can make any amount you desire using our ratio guide provided on the bottle.
**Visit www.giantbubbles.co.nz/which1 for more information on how to mix ratios.

  • For ages 3-6
  • Quick mix recipe
  • Perfect for parties, special occasions and gifts


  • 30 Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 100% Australasian Made


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8L Concentrate – Kids Giant Bubble Kit

Just mix with water and you’re ready to go


1x 500ml Giant Bubble Liquid
1x Kids Giant Bubble Wand

To make 8L of Giant Bubble Juice: Mix 500ml of bubble liquid with 7.5L of water
To make 10L of Giant Bubble Juice: Mix 500ml of bubble liquid with 10L of water
To make 12L of Giant Bubble Juice: Mix 500ml of bubble liquid with 12L of water

8L of Giant Bubble Juice goes a long way and provides hours of outside fun for the family and friends. This concentrate is super simple and very quick to mix.

These bubbles are fun and they are magical. They provide endless joy and will turn any frown upside down!

Our Giant Bubble Wands are handmade with care by us and made from sustainably sourced beech wood that is milled on-site at a small family business in Christchurch. Our wands use stainless steel eye hooks and washers and are dipped in the finest Tung Oil from Supreme Oils; a wonderful family business in Hawkes Bay, for long-lasting protection and durability. To complete our wands, we use 100% acrylic yarn for ultimate absorbency and the best bubble-making experience.

Who we are

Tinka aspires to be the largest supplier of premium bubble products in NZ, well-known for quality, sustainability and ability to mesmerize.

At Tinka, we are committed to enriching our community with products that bring about boundless joy and inspire authentic human connection by bringing out the inner child in us all, through products that also keep our Earth happy.

Our giant bubble products came about one day after witnessing the sheer joy on our kids’ faces as they chased these massive bubbles that were 3x their size. While creating these mesmerizing bubbles, we noticed a crowd standing awe-struck behind us. Everyone was entranced. It was magic. 

Since that day, we’ve made it our mission to make the magic of giant bubbles easily accessible in New Zealand.