Kids Windy Day Wand


Kids Windy Day Wand


Product Highlights:

Does not include bubble solution

  • For ages 3 – 6
  • Simple to use
  • Makes 100’s of large bubbles in moments


  • 30 Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 100% Australasian Made


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Kids Windy Day Wand

Ideal for ages 3 – 6 years old

This product does not include bubble juice.

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This wand is so perfect for those windy beachy days. It’s quite a spectacular sight to watch 100’s of bubbles float around you and float off into the distance. You feel like you are literally surrounded by something magical.

Our wands are simple to use and thick enough to be strong and have a good grip. They are all handmade with care by us in Auckland and made from sustainably sourced beech wood that is milled on-site at a small family business in Christchurch. Our wands use stainless steel eye hooks and washers and are dipped in the finest Tung Oil from Supreme Oils; a wonderful family business in Hawkes Bay, for long-lasting protection and durability. To complete our wands, we use 100% acrylic yarn for ultimate absorbency and the best bubble-making experience.