How to Create the Best Giant Bubbles

How to Create Giant Bubbles

Learn How to Create Giant Bubbles the Easy Way!

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to create Giant Bubbles as well as tips on how to preserve the quality of your bubble mixture.

1.) If you have a 1 litre of solution, empty a generous amount into an empty tub or bucket. Sediment at the bottom of the bottle is perfectly fine and doesn’t need to be mixed in. 

2.) Unwind the wand. Dip the entire rope into the bubble solution. Avoid stirring the wand too much.

3.) Pull the wand out of the solution and let it drip into the tub or buck for a few seconds. This reduces waste.

4.) Raise your wand above your shoulders, with your back to the breeze. Slowly open the wand to allow Giant Bubbles to form. In perfectly still conditions, you need to walk backwards at the same time, to create big bubbles.

When using The Windy Day Wand, simply hold it above your head and let the wind create the bubbles. Alternatively, in low wind, move your wand as if in a dance to create an array of beautiful bubbles around you. Even spin around if you like!

Video Version on how to Create Giant Bubbles:

The key points to consider before attempting to make huge bubbles:

1.) Don’t use in high wind (unless you have the Windy Day Wand – this wand will work in moderate wind.)

2.) Best weather is very humid and foggy, and just after it has rained as moisture in the air allows the bubbles to thrive. Overcast is also good.

3.) Be very slow and gentle when moving wands. This will keep the bubble film intact.

4.) Do not agitate, mix or stir the bubble solution as it creates foam. This stops big bubbles from being created. Also, your wand gets tangled.

5.) Hold the wooden rods of the wand close together. As you lift them from the solution open slowly and gently.

6.) If its a still day, walk backwards or slowly move the wand from side to side.

Tips on how to preserve your giant bubble solution:

1.) Remove the foam from the surface of your bubble solution as it causes the bubbles to pop easily.

2.) Remove sediment, foreign objects and/or dirt that may have gotten into your mixture through use. Pouring it gently through a sieve helps a lot.

3.) Rinse off your wand if it gets too dirty.

4.) Store in a cool, dry place. Ideally between 10° and 15°C.

5.) Use within 30 days for best results. If this is not possible and you still have some remaining bubble solution left, decant into a smaller air-tight container. Pour through a sieve/strainer to remove dirt, grass, etc. This will preserve the quality of your bubble solution as much as possible.

Performance is not guaranteed after 30 days of being opened.

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