Why We Started Giant Bubbles

When I was a little boy…

I was given a big, red, plastic bubble wand and a picture book for my birthday that looked exactly like this picture. Giant Bubble WandHowever, I wasn’t able to make even one giant bubble with it. I tried about 3 different detergents and nothing worked. So I gave up and the bubble wand lived on my special toy shelf for a good few years. I would occasionally give it another go with a different detergent and always got the same results – no bubbles. I was convinced it was all a joke and got rid of it.

Many, many years later, I took my wife and son to a fair. There I saw a man making these massive bubbles! It instantly brought back the memory of my red, plastic wand that I could never use properly. I had to buy this giant bubble kit for myself and my son of course.

It felt amazing  to finally be able to make some massive bubbles . It left us all in awe as we created these magical giant bubbles that floated for days over the sea.  

And since that day, it had become really important to me to source the best ingredients. I had experimented with countless different recipes until I found the perfect one.

A few months later, Giant Bubbles was created. It started from a single thought and the best intentions and since 1 September 2018, Giant Bubbles has grown into a fully fledged, operational family business. 
Our kids absolutely love it and the sheer joy on their faces as they watch and chase bubbles 3x (even 4x) their size is priceless! We have been running this business for about a year now and with all the Giant Bubbles at their disposal, they STILL find magic making them.
We love what we do and the wonderful, positive impact Giant Bubbles has on anyone who makes them, creates them and watches them. It truly is a magical sight to see.

To see these Giant Bubbles in action and be updated on all our specials and giveaways, join us on Facebook and Instagram.

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