11 Reasons to get Giant Bubbles for Christmas

Giant Bubbles is the perfect gift for Christmas.

Here are 11 reasons why:

The wonder on his face…

1.) GIANT bubbles. Not small bubbles. GIANT bubbles 🙂

2.) It feels magical to create Giant Bubbles that are 3x (even 4x) your kids size.

3.) Your entire family can use it.

4.) You will find yourself saying, “Wow!” more than ever before.

5.) It brightens up any old and dull days.

6.) The joy, happiness and excitement Giant Bubbles create is priceless.

7.) Adults enjoy it just as much as (or even more than) the kids.

8.) The colours Giant Bubbles create are so incredibly beautiful.

9.) It gets the children outdoors, in the sunshine, away from any screens easily!

10.) It is more than just a toy that gets vacuumed up or abandoned – Giant Bubbles are loved and creates hours and hours of fun.

11.) Giant Bubbles are the stuff treasured memories are made of.


It is just such a truly, wonderful gift for children and family. We have witnessed these Giant Bubbles bring people together, create joy for their families and bring more wonder and magic to life’s experience.

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